Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum


 Chief Host: Mr. Debo Fagbami
     Chairman, SPE Nigeria Council

OLEF 2019 Presentations

1. NNPC GMD's Presentation

2. NNPC GMD's speech
3. SPE OLEF PwC presentation Program
4. Presentation by Manager, NGFCP

5. MD SNEPCo- Energy Security
6. DG, Energy Commission
7. Presentation by Prof. Chidi Ibe


Nigeria is a resource-rich country. And the energy sector is essential to the development of productive, innovative and sustainable economies. Hence, energy security and sustainability is important to protect the now and future generations.

The 2019 SPE Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum promises to spur discussions on how Nigeria’s energy sector can move towards a path to sustainability. How can we pursue/develop energy that has little or no carbon footprint? Can we develop efficient systems that require lesser energy to run on? Can we diversify and develop affordable means of energy within Nigeria’s energy mix? How can we use Nigeria’s oil and gas resources to support the nation’s economic growth for the benefit of all? How can we undertake oil and gas exploration and exploitation in a more environmental friendly manner? Can the energy policy be made more predictable and coherent?

Can we implement stable regulatory and legal frameworks within the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry to support long term investment, create a more enabling environment and foster innovation, research & technology development in the energy sector? These are questions that are begging to be answered.

The lecture series will provide that platform to exhaustively discuss and proffer long lasting solutions on the theme for the benefit of the Oil and Gas Industry and Nigeria as a whole.

The various perspectives to address the theme are as follows;

  1. The Road Map to Energy Sustainability in Nigeria
  2. Nigeria’s Energy Security: Opportunities, Present Threats and Key Solution Pointers.
  3. National Strategic Energy Development Plan: The Objectives and Implementation Policies
  4. Sustainable Oil and Gas in Nigeria: Improving People’s lives (Education, Job Creation and Poverty Alleviation).
  5. Petroleum Economics: Integrating Sustainability Factor into Petroleum Business Performance in Nigeria.
  6. Policy Framework and Reforms for Sustainable Energy-mix and Energy Base for the Nation