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January 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year and wishing you and your families a fruitful 2018.

In 2017, I was privileged to visit SPE sections in Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda. This further enabled me to meet with the section boards and industry leaders in those countries. My observation so far, with optimism, is the rate of development of the E&P sector in these countries: the recent final investment decision (FID) on the offshore LNG project in Mozambique, the anticipated first oil in Kenya and Uganda. This further calls for the need to share best practices and lessons with the other professionals in the region. These sections and their chapters are making very remarkable contributions to the mission of SPE, and importantly stretching the boundaries of SPE Cares to impact lives positively within our communities. Also, I attended the SPE Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE) as the chief host of the 2017 President, Janeen Judah.

At the last ATCE in San Antonio, in October 2017, our region’s PetroBowl team achieved a remarkable performance by winning the overall second best SPE International 2017 PetroBowl Contest position with just a two-man team against various teams of five.


This is a very remarkable accomplishment and one that no other team from the Africa region has so far been able to achieve until now. It is certainly not a solitary effort but the result of a process made possible through diverse collaborative efforts of the Nigeria Council, the Benin Section, the SPE Benin Chapter, Team members and importantly, contributions from the University faculties in the University of Benin, Nigeria. These students and all involved in the process leading to this great honour to our SPE Africa Region collectively embody the mission of our great society. So, congratulations go to all, and in addition my very best wishes for continued success.

I welcome Douala Section and Windhoek Section, established as of 15th October 2017. I appreciate the efforts of those professionals that worked very hard for the establishment of the two new sections.

Thank you for your volunteering efforts in the past year and hope that you will continue with the same vigour in 2018.

Kind regards,
Adeyemi Akinlawon
SPE Regional Director Africa Region