NAICE 2019 Synopsis: Will rigs run like UBER taxis in the future? Will production analysis on producing wells and reservoirs be evaluated by high tech computers? The opportunities of big data holds unlimited potential. Will the energy industry tag along or be left behind? Can the energy industry harness big data for its benefits? These are genuine questions we really need to ask ourselves. Big data has come to stay and the old industry has outlived all the other dinosaur industries. The whole concept of big data sounds really good for those that have always wanted to know more about rock, oil and their properties but what are the implications? Job losses, cyber theft, long tail effect for the small players and so much unknown to consider. So many questions, yet no answers. That's what this conference attempts to address. The implications to personnel, cost, company structure and culture- that is what we attempt to enlighten the industry on how complicated or not big data will be to the industry.


Theme: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Mobile Technology: Changing the Future   of the Energy Industry

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