Diversification of the Nigerian Economy: Women Leveraging Existing Opportunities

Nigeria has been re-positioning to fully diversify the economy. Range of initiatives devoted to promoting other sectors of the economy are in place as part of Government's reform programmes. SMEs have proven to be a reliable vehicle for economic transformation in developing countries; due to a wide range of benefits associated with this such as employment generation, foreign exchange conservation, equitable wealth distribution and interdependence among businesses. The theme focuses on how to identify, explore and encourage women to take maximum advantage of these opportunities that are critical considerations in the context of Nigeria’s long term ambition thereby contributing to build a sustainable economy.

Date/Time: Tuesday  07 Aug. 2018 | 1300 - 1630   

Venue: Abora  Suites, Eko Hotels & Suites

Highlights of Lead Presentations!

  • Beyond Oil and Gas: Gains and prospects for the Economy

It is a no-brainer that oil and gas have been the core of the Nigerian economy, however in the light of the current push worldwide to move away from fossil fuel, how can we leverage on what we have now to create a diversified economy that is not solely dependent on oil and gas.

  • Improving your Personal Effectiveness using KAIZEN

Getting better at what you do, creating maximum value, in the minimum time and effort is an essential habit for highly effective people. Learn how applying constant continuous improvement in making use of all the resources you have at your disposal (i.e your talents, strengths, skills, energy and time) can enable you achieve both work and life goals.

  • The Journey to Inclusion: Building Workplaces that work for Women in Nigeria

This topic will explore the workplace culture in Nigeria and, specifically, the impact of inclusion on women. How does  feeling included matter to individual or team performance?

Are there gender differences in what helps employees feel included? How can women thrive in the workplace? And, what can leaders do to promote feelings of inclusion for women and men?              




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To promote the advancement of women professionals (WPs) in Oil and Gas sector in Nigeria, by providing a networking platform via the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

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