Welcome to NAICE 2017 MOBILE APP

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Benefits of NAICE2017 Mobile Application 

Novelty: The first native application for SPE NAICE.

E-Publication: NAICE app replaces the traditional print conference publications such as NAICE Brochure, SPE Nigeria AGM booklet, Young Professionals Brochure and NAICE Newsletter Bulletin

Technical Papers Rating: This app offers real time  secure rating of 150+ technical papers at NAICE in real time using QR codes at the instant of the presentations in the presentations rooms

Communications.  NAICE App offers real time communications between exhibitors and conference attendees. Also it offers conference organizers very effective platform to send conference information update to all attendees.

Interactivity/Audience Response. This app offers the audience opportunity to send in their interactive questions to panelists at real time. 

How To

Down load the app from Google Play Store by searching for NAICE2017

Install the App by clicking Install

Create new profile by clicking "Register"

Scan to download

  • Navigate and get conference activities update
  • Rate technical paper presentations at the venue and instant of presentations. Note that papers are rated using QR code scanning in the presentation room.
  • Social interaction between conference attendees.
  • Get conference update messages from NAICE organizers